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URINE: GOOD HEALTH is an hour-­long documentary about auto-­urine therapy. This unconventional and controversial practice, which involves using urine for health benefits, has been employed throughout history by people all over the world and is one of the oldest modalities of health care. Proponents advocate the use of urine for many purposes. Whether taken orally, applied topically, dropped in the eyes or ears, or injected, claims have been made that urine can cure for many maladies including AIDS, cancer, asthma, arthritis, and glaucoma, among others. Urine therapy is also used for skin care, health maintenance, and as a dietary supplement.While mainstream medicine has rejected some of the claims of urine enthusiasts,pharmaceutical companies and scientists use urine and its components in their research and development. Proteins, enzymes, and other material that are present in urine are being used to produce life saving drugs as well as for non­-invasive tests for the detection of diseases. URINE: GOOD HEALTH objectively explores the claims of proponents of urine therapy as well as the views of some of the world’s preeminent doctors and researchers regarding the medical uses of urine.

Duration: 55 Minutes
Subtitles: English
Format: DVD region 1



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