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Ikland DVD

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The Ik gained world-wide attention in the 1960s when the tribe of subsistence farmers in Northern Uganda was studied by an anthropologist who came to thoroughly detest them. He described them as being abominable loveless creatures who only look out for themselves and think nothing of starving their own children. Their only joy comes from the misfortune of others, and to that end they would defecate in front of one another’s hut as recreation for the sheer pleasure of creating misery.
Due to the history of brutal violence in Uganda, which persists in the North even today, along with impediments imposed by the terrain, no cinematic mission to revisit the Ik had been made since that time. Ikland documents the journey to find and rediscover the Ik, including encounters with armed tribesmen and other obstacles, and the plan to introduce the Ik to dramatic theatre.

Duration: 88 Minutes
Subtitles: English
DVD(region 0)

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